Sunday, January 31, 2010

Travelling without worries

One of the purposes of travel is precisely to change environment, to leave familiar territory and explore new places where endless surprises await. Sadly, some people don't make the most of their travels because while they are physically getting away from their homes and/or work stations, their minds are chained to their properties by their worries. What if someone steals this or that while I'm away? That's one question that can effectively spoil a vacation. Thankfully, technology has been invented for us to be able to monitor through our cellphones or laptops what's happening in and around our properties while we are on vacation. Check this out. Click Here!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Culture and Arts showcase in Iloilo

Ilonggos are talented artists. Singers, actors, painters, sculptors, dancers, filmmakers and writers abound in Iloilo, where beaches and other natural wonders endlessly inspire artists. One great development in the arts scene in Iloilo is the establishment of the Red Gallery at the mezzanine of the Red Steakhouse and Gallery at the Smallville Business Complex in the city. It has provided a venue for renowned and aspiring artists to show case their works. Dinagyang revelers this year should drop by and check out the current Koloryakot visual arts exhibit.

The gallery doesn't just open its doors to painters but also to photographers, yes, including digital photographers. You may want to mount an exhibit of your digital photos at the Red Gallery someday, after you have mastered the art using easy-to-learn skills. How can you produce great looking digital photos? This might help. Click Here!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dinagyang 2010 in Iloilo City

On January 22-24, 2010, Iloilo City celebrates Dinagyang festival! It's the annual, major event in the city, the third oldest in the Philippines. Dinagyang literally means "merrymaking". It started as a commemoration of the christianization of the aborigines of Iloilo in the central part of the Philippines. Dinagyang is marked by the dancing of groups of men dressed up as Ati (Aeta) warriors and their kin turning from paganism to Christianity, symbolized by the Santo Nino (Holy Child), to the chants of "Viva Senor Santo Nino!" In 1968, An Augustinian priest brought to Iloilo a replica of the Santo Nino image in Cebu, home of the Sinulog festival, which was welcomed by the people of Iloilo through street dancing.

Today's Dinagyang celebration is marked by an Ati-Ati tribe competition, mardi gras, food festivals, concerts, massive fireworks, bazaars, and many more. Click this to see the schedule of events in just one part of the city.

By the way, there are tattoo booths in the bazaar in the Boardwalk Leisure Park. Looking for a new, unique tattoo design for your skin? Are you in the business of making tattoos, and you would like to offer more choices to your clients? Click Here!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Want to invest in a city?

Sometimes, we travel not only for pleasure but also for business. If you have lots of money, and you would like to invest it in a business, where will you set up shop? You need to consider many factors like cost of doing business, infrastructure, accessibility to ports, quality of life, quality of human resources available for your business, the friendliness to business of the local government, the market size for your planned enterprise, etc. Read this essay to guide you in assessing the cities that are in your shortlist for investment areas.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

watch sports channels online

Sometime in January last year, Harvey was in Boracay Island for a break from work. Unfortunately he was like trapped for days because of the heavy downpour which was almost non-stop. As an option he switched on the cable tv to look for a movie to watch only to find out that the movies shown have been reshown and reshown several times over in the very limited movie channels available. Good thing that he brought his laptop with him and bingo, he was able to watch sports channels online and movies online Watch new movies that had not even been shown yet in city theatres.
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When it was Jigger's turn to have his vacation in Boracay in July lastyear, the rains were there again. it was okay because Jigger really didn't want to miss the Wimbledon 2009 Championship where his idol Roger Federer was playing. Problem was the local cable tv provider couldn't air the game live. So Jigger called up Harvey to seek advice on how he could watch Wimbledon in real time. Harvey's first question,was," did you bring your laptop?" When Jigger answered yes, Harvey said, "there's no problem then, you can watch sports channels online Wimbledon live from your laptop.
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living in the philippines

For Filipinos Like us to promote the Philippines as a destination to foreigners might look like a hard sell. The Philippines, with its more than 7100 islands, is certainly a paradise, if only you know how to make the best out of your trip in the country. Perry Gamsby knows how which he shares with travel lovers in his book

In this ebook you will learn absolutely everything you need to know about going to the Philippines. The eBook is simply called Streetwise Philippines and here are some of the secrets I will reveal to you:

How to Live in the Philippines Full timeItalic
How to Meet Beautiful Women

Best Ways to Renew Your Visa

How to Navigate the Streets and the Resorts like a Seasoned Navigator Without Losing Money and Without Losing Time

How to Buy Real Estate and How to Earn a Living in the Philippines

Streewise Philippines is a must have for anyone bound to travel in the Philippines

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